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5 Analytics Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Mistake 1. Counting Your Own Visits towards Marketing KPIs

Have you set up a filter to exclude all internal traffic from your own computer, your office network, or even from your suppliers and contractors? Chances are, you're probably not keeping your analytics data honest, because you're counting your own visits and user behavior as part of the great set of analytics data you have. Here is how to fix that:

SEO and B2B Marketing

Search engine optimization is a critical part of any B2B marketing program.


About S & K Productions dba SeoCincinnati

As  consultants and contractors of Search Engine Optimization, Kevin Chamberlin has brought together a solid team of professionals to provide SEO and SEM services through his company, S & K Productions. So whether you want to improve your organic search rankings, enter the PPC world, or need some fast site design work, SeoCincinnati can help.

In the most basic sense, SEO helps the search engines discover, read, index, and rank your site based on a number of factors. In order to achieve their goals, the search engine bots {or robot spiders) need to know the Subject of your blog or web site. They can't guess. It's up to you to show them. And this is where we can help you maximize and drive quality traffic to your site


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